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Event report: Walvis Bay Namibia

The competition is now over, sorry for the lack of updates but on day three I had a bad crash and have broken 4 bones in my left foot. I was lying third overall and in my final round I was swopping 1st place with Valerie when the crash happend.

I ended the year with third place overall and 2nd production. The next challenge is Weymouth as I would dearly love to compete I have 3 weeks, so there is a chance.

2007 Final Standings

1. Antoine Albeau, FRA Starbord/Pryde
2. Bjorn Dunkerbeck, SUI Thommen/ North
3. Finian Maynard, BVI F2/Pryde
4. Patrik Diethelm, ITA F2/North
5. Philip Adamidis, GRE Fanatic/Naish

1.Valerie Ghibhaudo,FRA Tabou/Loft
2. Karin Jaggi, SUI F2/North
3. Zara Davis, GBR Tabou/Gaastra
4. Marion Raisi, FRA Exocet/Gaastra
5. Maaike Kallenborn, NED F2/Naish
6. Sarah Hebert, ARM Starbord/Naish

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