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Zara Breaks Women's Production Board Speed Record

On her Production Mistral Speed board Zara easily breaks the existing record in Luderitz

Record runLuderitz Scoreboard

Zara has just returned from the Namibian town of Luderitz where she was taking part in a speedsailing world record attempt. The 500m course was a channel dug in the shoreline at the optimum angle to the prevailing strong winds. The site was made famous by Kiter, Sebastian Catalan who broke the 50 knot barrier here for the first time ever, last year.

The expectations of higher speeds this year were likely due to the course being moved 50 metre's down from last year and a wider cannel being excavated.  The Kiter’s also wanted their title back from the 50 foot hydro foiled catamaran, L’Hydropter. Little do we know how quickly this would happen! French kiter Alex Caizergues on the first run down the course in 45 knots of wind blew away the existing World Record of 51.36 knots with a blistering run of 54.1 knots.
Luderitz Entrants
The changes were also meant to make the site more accessible to windsurfer's to compete on a level playing field with kiter's. On the back of this the International Mistral speed team of Anders Bringdal, Farrell O'Shea, Andrea Baldini and Zara Davis signed up to take part.

Unfortunately the promises made by the organisers about the course did not live up to expectations. With the entry only accessible at high tide and with a high bank built to windward too control chop halfway down the course it made the runs a definite 500m run of two halves.

The team made the best of the conditions and came away with two records despite the limitations of the course two hours after the record run in 35 to 40 knots of wind. Anders broke his Swedish National record with a great run of 44.8 knots and Zara on her Mistral production speed board set a new Women’s speed production record of 36.99 knots.

Zara said “The run was amazing at the start, using my 5.0m Simmer race sail I was fully powered up. My GPS shows I was hitting almost 40 knots for the first 250 metre's then it all went wrong when my sail was shadowed by the high bank to windward for rest of the run. This board for sure has the potential to take me over 40 knots over 500m given the right conditions. This title means a lot to me as it is one that all sailors can aspire to, as this board is available to all at your local Mistral dealer ”

Click HERE for a Video of the Run in Std Definition

Click HERE for the Run in HD