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Zara signs with RRD

Zara has made the move to RRD boards for 2015 teaming up with her old pal and fellow speed star Dave (Whitey) White the new agent for RRD in the UK.
Whiteys opinion on Zara Joining the RRD team “ Very pleased to have Zara on board, we have worked together before for many years with White Boarders. She will be a great asset to RRD and I know she always gives 100% “

Zara’s decision was a very hard one, moving away from her very successful partnership with Mistral. She produced for Mistral the women’s world speed record in Luderitz in 2012 and four European speed titles, so the decision was not taken lightly.

But, Zara in 2014 took on a new challenge in Slalom, as well as Speed. Doing very well in the UK BSA national championships. Her ambition is to get better at slalom and ultimately take part in PWA events. RRD are and very successful in Slalom to say the least with the likes of Antoine Albeau leading the way internationally. In the UK, Zara will line up with the UK RRD team including Whitey, Mike George, Jack Trollop and Leigh Kingaby.

Antoine Albeau on hearing the news “Super happy that Zara join RRD team. The fastest woman on a windsurf and the fastest man this is great. I am sure Zara will improve a lot now. She needed some real speed and slalom development to go even fast and better. So now she goes on RRD boards. She will get all the work that we do with Aurelio the RRD shaper and she will get real fast speed board and slalom boards. 
Welcome Zara !!!

Last word goes to Zara “ Very excited about joining the RRD family, the slalom boards are super quick and easy to gybe so hope to do well on them. The combination of my Simmer Style sails and RDD boards will be amazing”.